About Us

Since its formation in 1992, Advanced Building Services have achieved steady and continual growth to become one of Wellington’s premier building services maintenance contractors. With approximately 60 full time staff comprising of engineering, technical and support personnel, Advanced Building Services is proud to serve many of New Zealand’s leading property owners and managers.

Advanced Building Services is owned and operated by senior managers and remains a wholly NZ owned company capable of delivering a high level of service to its clients. We are able to swiftly respond to the changing needs of the commercial property market and our clients.

Our processes and frameworks are highly customisable avoiding the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We aim to be the most technically capable and competent service provider in the NZ market, backed by robust computerised management systems, quality policies, procedures and documentation.

Our clients can expect a total commitment to sustained cost effective management of their assets through their entire lifecycle, as well as the provision of a healthy and comfortable environment for building occupants.